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"Business-minded people will want to speak the languages of the markets of the future, says Hedayat. “These are Arabic speaking countries, Hindi and Urdu, there is Chinese, Korean, and very soon with Africa blossoming it is going to be languages like Lingala, Swahili. So we offer the languages of the future.”"

"60 seconds on… Chatterbox Chatterbox employs refugees as tutors to address the language skills gap. We speak to founder Mursal Hedayat

"Árabe, suajili, kurdo, turco, bengalí, coreano... Decenas de refugiados con estudios universitarios ofrecen clases de sus idiomas nativos en la Universidad de Londres, gracias a una novedosa iniciativa ideada por una joven cuya familia llegó huyendo de Afganistán."

"It's an amazing thing to be able to teach your language to other people because it will help them understand you more," the 30-year-old said after the language class organized by UK social enterprise Chatterbox at [SOAS] University of London. 

"Today I had students from Taiwan, England and Germany. You meet people from everywhere and I love that,"

"For us, tech is about maximising the accessibility of our service for both language learners and potential tutors. As we were piloting the project, the convenience of being able to learn from home attracted language learners from all around the UK, as well as a few living abroad. Crucially, the option of teaching online via webcam enables the refugees who found themselves ‘dispersed‘ across the country during their asylum seeking process (in accordance with government policy) to benefit from the initiative as much as those based near us in London."

"What welcome news that attitudes towards refugees, thanks to the likes of entrepreneurs like Mursal and establishments like SOAS, are finally beginning to reflect the diverse, cultural melting pot that makes London and many, many parts of the UK. such incredible places in which to live and work."

"Being multilingual is an asset most of us would love to have, but it isn’t always possible. With thousands seeking refuge in the UK, what better than to take advantage of this augmentation of language?

This is where Chatterbox comes in. A startup who are using the refugee ‘crisis’ as an advantage, ensuring those seeking refuge receive adequate opportunities.

They are on a mission to eradicate all negative tendencies relating to refugees and highlight the untapped potential in the community."

"We’re in the midst of a very serious global crisis. Countless men, women, and children are fleeing war-torn countries. Countries that they used to call home- leaving behind loved ones and all their worldly possessions, with many attempting to reach asylum in the UK. They’ve had to leave well-paid, highly-skilled jobs, and can now no longer provide for their families.

Imagine arriving in a foreign country, not being accustomed to the culture or knowing the language. And that degree that you worked so hard to get? It’s now obsolete. It’s a very real problem that many refugees arriving in the UK are faced with, and a problem that Mursal Hedayat hopes to tackle."

"Start 2017 by improving yourself and supporting refugees at the same time!

Chatterbox connects refugees with those learning languages. Despite being highly-qualified in the native countries, refugees struggle to find employment. Chatterbox works to combat this, while also offering a solution to the UK’s severe language skill deficit (estimated at a cost of £48bn per year)."

"I founded Chatterbox to address the problems my mother faced when we sought refuge in the UK more than two decades ago. An Afghan civil engineer with over a decade of experience in practice, she struggled to find meaningful employment let alone work that valued her skills.

As many of us are aware, this story is far from uncommon and will become increasingly important to address."

"The challenges the UK is struggling with in refugee integration are being experienced in similar ways across Europe, and we would like to see Chatterbox expand to offer opportunities to more refugees, focussing on Germany and Sweden."

"... tech has enabled Chatterbox to access an online language learning market worth billions from a desk in East London. We are able to deliver our range of linguistic and cultural training services to a global audience using novel applications of existing tech tools."