We are very excited to partner with Chatterbox to offer student-led, extra-curricular conversations with speakers of the languages our students are studying, and so offer them a unique way to better understand the cultural, social and historical background in which the language is spoken. The project builds on the cultural and academic expertise of refugees in the UK and so also highlights the enriching contribution they make to our communities.
— Professor Lutz Marten, Dean of Faculty of Languages & Cultures, SOAS University


Read the answers in this section or get in touch for more information.


Who is eligible for free Chatterbox conversation practice sessions at SOAS?

Current student at SOAS in any academic year, taking a language as the whole or part of their degree in one of our languages, will be eligible this semester.

This includes students taking a language option during this term.

If you are not eligible, you can purchase conversation practice sessions at our store or register your interest to be the first to hear when our language tutoring services open for all language learners. 

What are conversation practice sessions like?

Chatterbox conversation practice sessions are a unique opportunity to design your own learning whilst studying a language at SOAS.

You will individually lead an hour-long practice session with a native speaker. The experience is entirely directed by you. Sessions take place in-person at SOAS campus or online.

Use this opportunity to improve your speaking and listening skills, practice in alternate dialects, and learn out about the cultures and countries represented by the language you are studying.

Kainaaz, Persian Conversation Partner & Film-maker

Kainaaz, Persian Conversation Partner & Film-maker

Who are Chatterbox conversation partners?

Chatterbox conversation partners are highly-skilled and educated professionals who have become refugees.

They are from diverse backgrounds including medicine, advocacy, academia and film.

They are working with Chatterbox to rebuild their careers in their adopted homes.

Which languages are currently available?

The languages we currently offer are: Arabic, French, Korean, Kurdish, Swahili, Lingala, Farsi and Dari.

We will soon be expanding into: Urdu, Turkish and Spanish.

Chatterbox helps to address the current imbalance in opportunities for students of non-European languages to improve their communication skills and cultural understanding in the language they have chosen to study. 

If you would like to suggest a language for us to include in future, please contact us.

How do I use the service?

After you initially sign up to access the service, we will send you instructions on how to book your session using our online scheduling platform.

On the platform, you will be able to find and book an available session in your language up to two weeks in advance.

You will be able to choose to conduct your session in-person sessions at SOAS campus or online using a video-conferencing tool. 

Have a look at our blog for tips for making the most of your session.

How else can I get involved with Chatterbox?

Chatterbox is looking for SOAS students to volunteer in our team.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out about the roles on offer.