Meet some of the Chatterbox tutors and conversation practice partners - educated refugees who come from the world of medicine, business, academia, film and more.

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Huiling is an editor and journalist, focusing on travel, education and lifstyle. She holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the UK and gained the BSc in Traditional Chinese Pharmacy. She is a Mandarin conversation partner with Chatterbox.


Wajed is an Arabic school teacher from Syria. She studied at Tishreen University and worked for eight years in primary education before being appointed as a pedagogue in the Educational Directorate in Latakia. She teaches Levantine and Modern Standard Arabic at Chatterbox.


Eiad is a dentist from Syria, with a love of travel and culture. He was partway through a diploma in Oral Surgery before having to leave. He is currently studying dentistry in the UK, and works with Chatterbox part-time teaching Levantine and Modern Standard Arabic.


Katayoon gained her degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics in Iran and has a UK taught MA in Business Administration. Katayoon is a Farsi/Persian conversation partner at Chatterbox and loves sharing cultural experiences.


Hala is an English teacher with a degree in English Literature  from Damascus University. She volunteers in the Syrian community in London, translating and interpreting for newcomers to the UK. She loves reading and writing Arabic poetry along with photograph. Hala tutors Arabic with Chatterbox.


Yishi holds an MA in International Relations and Global Political Economy and an MBA from the University of Wales. With 8 years working experience in multinational cooperation, Yishi's interests include travel, culture, public affairs, food and communication.  Yishi is a Mandarin tutor with Chatterbox


Usman is completing his MSc in Marketing Communications at Birkbeck University of London, whilst also holding an MBA from his home country, Pakistan. He also volunteers with immigration charity Detention Action. Usman is an Urdu conversation partner with Chatterbox.


Soraya is a writer and women's rights activist with 22 years experience of teaching in her home country and the UK. Soraya has a masters in Sociology and a BA in Persian literature and speaks Farsi, Kurdish Sorani, and English fluently.



Jihyun is a teacher and poet from North Korea. In the UK, she works for the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea. She is a prominent activist, and appeared in the Amnesty International documentary “The Other Interview”.
She speaks the North Hamgyung and Seoul dialects of Korean.


Kainaaz is an actress and filmmaker, with an extensive career in the Bollywood film industry. Originally from Iran, she grew up in India, and speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati as well as Farsi and English. In the UK, she volunteers as a Farsi interpreter for migrants, working with organisations such as Migrant Help, the Doncaster Conversation Club, and the Red Cross.


Ahmed is a Human Rights expert from Yemen. He has extensive experience working with international human rights organisations. 

He gained a bachelors degree in Law from Sa’ana University, and recently completed the Protective Fellowship for Human Rights Defenders at Risk at York University in the UK. He is an Arabic partner with Chatterbox.


Ali is from Syria. With a degree in Medical Equipment Maintenance, he has worked in communication training and customer care for a leading Syrian mobile provider. He has experience in the humanitarian field, having worked as projects coordinator for an NGO in Lebanon. He now lives in France and tutors Arabic online.


Muna trained as an Architect at Damascus University in Syria, and subsequently managed an engineering and construction centre. She has extensive teaching experience, having worked as a supervisor and Arabic teacher in a middle school in Syria, and teaching private students in London. Muna is an Arabic tutor and conversation partner.


Mohamed holds a BA in Accounting from Cairo University and is a fashion designer. He worked for HSBC bank in Egypt before coming to the UK. He loves reading and drawing and is interested in art and culture. 

Mohamed is an Egyptian dialect conversation partner with Chatterbox. 


Muhammed is from Iraq, and has lived in Jordan and UAE. He studied Languages and French Art in Baghdad, and gained a Diploma in English Language. He has returned to languages, working in various capacities as an interpreter and French tutor in Iraq and the UK. Muhammed is a Chatterbox Arabic conversation partner.


Abdullah holds a Master's degree in International Architectural Regeneration and Development from Oxford Brookes University. Back in Syria, Abdullah taught architecture at Damascus University, founded an NGO, and managed projects at prominent international organisations.


Jorge is from Cuba. He has a degree in journalism and previously worked in newspaper, radio and TV – lecturing at the School of Communication of University of Havana. Jorge is passionate about politics, travelling and meeting people from different cultures. He's a Spanish conversation partner at Chatterbox.


Muhammed is a second-year PhD student from Turkey at Brunel University London, studying ‘Politics and History’. he also holds a Masters of Arts (MA) and a degree in Systems Engineering. Muhammed is passionate about the British and Turkish history, international politics and countryside travelling.


Mohamed is a trained English teacher, having taught at both primary and secondary levels as well as educating adults. He also holds a translation qualification from the University of Damascus, and has taken part in public service broadcasting. He's worked in English, Kurdish, and Arabic, and currently teaches basic English to recently arrived refugees.


Entesar holds a degree in Information & Public Relations from the National University of Yemen. She has experience in teaching and social development with an international NGO. She works as a freelance translator and interpreter and hopes to gain an MA in Advice and Guidance. She is passionate about learning and is a Modern Standard Arabic conversation practice partner.


Sami is an engineer from Syria, having gained his degree in Production Engineering from Aleppo University. More recently, he gained a diploma in mechanical design from the Suvidya Institute of Technology in Mumbai. He is experienced in the management of technical projects, having worked in both Syria and the UAE. The war prevented him from completing a master's degree.


Tshikaya is a medical doctor from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who has also worked in South Africa and as a health advisor in the UK.

He also has work experience teaching other health professionals in the DRC and members of society through healthy living workshops run by community based charities. He is fluent in English, French, Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba and currently tutors with Chatterbox in these languages.


Fatih is a former lecturer in political science from Turkey. He graduated from Hacettepe University in 2003 and finished his masters in 2010. The Turkish government shut down many universities after the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016, including Fatih's own while he was studying for his PhD. Consequently, he could not complete his studies or come back to his job. His academic interests are the issues surrounding politics, Islam, and democracy. He teaches Turkish with Chatterbox.


Mohammad is a teacher and journalist with a Bachelors degree in English language and literature from Damascus University. Mohammad founded a regional newspaper and worked as a human rights practitioner before leaving Syria. He loves reading, music and exploring. 

He teaches Standard and Levantine Arabic with Chatterbox and intends to do Master's degree in education and international development.


Eric is from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. He holds a degree in Sport from the International University of Physical Education in Cuba, as well as having substantial experience of teaching French and translating French and Spanish.  He hopes to finish his PHD in physical culture in Cuba. Eric teaches French with Chatterbox


Minghui is a fashion writer. She finished her fashion design degree in the city of  Cambridge. She loves art & culture and enjoys discovering every little beautiful thing in life. She is now studying at a traditional bespoke tailoring house in Mayfair London. She works with Chatterbox part-time teaching Mandarin.


Mohammed is a business graduate from Aleppo, Syria. He has more than three years' experience as a freelance interpreter and translator with several NGOs in Istanbul. 

He teaches Modern Standard and Levantine Arabic with Chatterbox. 


Zari is an Iranian lawyer with a few years experience of teaching. She has a master in international law and a BA in political Science from the University of Tehran. She is interested in literature, both in Farsi and English, with specific focus on writing. Zari is a Persian/Farsi conversation partner with Chatterbox.


John is an actor, theatre director, teacher and broadcaster, originally from Colombia.  He has been teaching drama, film and communication in London for more than 15 years. John is currently working as Spanish tutor in primary and secondary schools part of MFL and as a Spanish conversation partner.


Farid is a research assistant at the University of East London (UEL), focusing on international law and criminal justice. He holds PhD in international criminal law, and LLM in international law and criminal justice from UEL. He loves meeting new people and works with Chatterbox teaching Levantine and Modern Standard Arabic.

Iqbal is from Bangladesh and  a native Bengali speaker. He has completed a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Bangladesh and a MBA in the UK. He likes community work, socialising and fellowship with new people. He is an ex-rotaractor. He would like to help the people who are interested to learn a language that has a historic background too.

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Nadia is Iraqi researcher and teacher of English literature, with passion for poetry, cultural history, travel and, of course, coffee. After completing post-doctoral fellowship in King's College, London, she works as self-employed researcher of current events in the Middle East. She is a part-time tutor of Iraqi and Modern Standard Arabic at Chatterbox.


Zahra teaches Persian at Chatterbox and holds a degree in Maths from Tehran University. She is a qualified teacher  and she achieved her qualification from College of North East of London. She has teaching experience in English and Maths, she also she volunteered at a foodbank, helping clients with administration and interpretation.

Askin is a Turkish tutor at Chatterbox. He is an avionics technician with 16 years’ experience, and  received a Bachelor Business Administration degree from the University of Anadolu. He worked at national aviation companies and prominent international institutions. He is fond of reading, traveling, researching and communicating. His interest now stands on meeting new people who have a great passion to learn languages.

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Ali Saad lives in Amsterdam. He has a love for sports, traveling and discovering new cultures. Ali was studying his Bachelor in ICT at the University of Aleppo Syria when he moved to the Netherlands. He now works as a translator with the City Hall of Amsterdam for newcomers to the city. Ali teaches standard Syrian Arabic online.


Originally from Damascus- Syria, Sharif earned a degree of Management & Leadership from Richland College, Texas and over 25 years of corporate experience in sales & marketing – during which he visited and worked around the world. Sharif is a passionate humanitarian activist and a big fan of multicultural celebration, especially in a city like London. His hobbies are playing the piano, classical & Jazz music, sports, movies, and trying new food.

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