Our Mission

Chatterbox is on a mission to highlight the significant untapped potential residing in the refugee community.

There are over 117,000 people with refugee status living in the UK. Despite having above average levels of education and training, refugees in our society are much more likely to be unemployed and in poverty. 

Meanwhile, the UK is suffering from a deficit in language skills that costs the economy an estimated £48 billion in missed trading opportunities.

Chatterbox matches under-utilised refugee talent with opportunities in the demand for their language skills.

We train and employ refugees to use their existing language skills and experience and gain stimulating employment in the language services sector, benefiting both them and wider society.

We also provide engaging language learning services for individuals, education providers, and workplaces, and provide a way for learners to help others as they help themselves.

Our social enterprise is committed to operating in the most social and environmentally responsible way, reinvesting 100% of our profits into the enterprise to ensure the fulfilment of our mission.