Free Arabic Classes

Chatterbox is delighted to offer schools in the UK, US, Canada, and Brazil free classroom sessions teaching Arabic language and culture over Skype with trained, native-speaking tutors from refugee background between December 18 (UN Arabic Day) and March 2, 2018.

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Past participating pupils said:
“It was really inspirational and I loved learning about how languages can change your life. Also it was really good hearing first handed how languages can open so many doors to any career”.


Employing Refugees

Connect your classroom with an Arabic speaking refugee to learn some Arabic, hear their personal story, and learn more about the Arabic speaking world via Skype. 


Facilitating Technology

Sessions take place via Skype, last 30-45 mins, and are delivered by trained tutors from academic and professional backgrounds; doctors, dentists, lawyers, and teachers.


Easy to Implement

This standalone activity is very easy to set up and can link to a number of priorities in your school , including languages, citizenship, and international education. 

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