Meet the Chatterbox team: Emma

As Teaching Development Lead at Chatterbox, Emma is the first contact from Chatterbox many of our tutors and learners have. A recent Oxford graduate, she is continually inspiring the team with her amazing attitude and curiosity! 

What is your role at Chatterbox and how does a typical 'day' look for you?

The marvellous Emma!

The marvellous Emma!

I’m in charge of making sure we deliver top-quality tutoring and conversation practice. That means I reach out to potential new tutors, select and train them. I’m also building Chatterbox’s brand new Beginners’ Arabic curriculum in partnership with some of our most experienced tutors. 

My usual day: come in the office and have my coffee (crucial!), then set to work planning lessons for our new curriculum. I’ll often be on the phone to volunteers, who help me reach out to refugee organisations, or with our tutors, for whom I’m generally the first point of contact. 

What's your favourite language and why? Or what language would you like to learn and why?

A very mean question to ask a linguistics graduate (I love them all). but if someone put a gun to my head and asked me to choose one favourite I’d probably have to say, Basque, because as a “language isolate” we have no idea where it comes from! Mysterious. 

I really want to learn Bengali. Have you seen that alphabet? It’s beautiful! 

What's the one thing you most enjoy about working at Chatterbox?

We’re so new that it’s all about design and creativity. That moment when you create something you’re really proud of is what makes it worthwhile for me. 

If you weren't at Chatterbox, which company would you most like to work for?
Probably Khan Academy because they’re all about innovative online learning. 

Tell us a random fact!

In the Pascuanese language spoken on Easter Island, the word “tingo” means “to borrow objects from a friend's house, one by one, until there's nothing left”.