Meet a tutor: Usman


It was a late cold afternoon of February when my plane landed on Heathrow. Hello! I am Usman. A refugee in the United Kingdom. I have been here in this country over ten years, many ups and downs I have seen and worked in many places before coming across this social enterprise, Chatterbox. I got my refugee status in 2015, so as after getting it I was looking to integrate into UK job market. For that, I started two things.

Firstly I gained admission to the Birkbeck University of London for MSc in Marketing Communication and secondly begun looking for a job or preferably an internship as well to put a step into the market. It is then when I found about Chatterbox along with few other organisations working for refugees in the UK. Without any delay, I joined Chatterbox as an Urdu conversation partner and further to that I started an internship on a part-time basis to gain experience in the field of Marketing and Research. 

Although my future long-term plans include opening a coffee business of my own and also plans to go into academics after getting some market working experience. Working at Chatterbox may not seem like a massive step towards getting what I want to do – but every brick counts in a wall especially the blocks which you put in the start to build the wall on. At Chatterbox, I feel working towards the betterment of other refugees like me by actually doing something practical which really gives me some sense of satisfaction.

Not to mention about everyone else working at Chatterbox are very friendly and helping colleagues (more like friends). I was much interested in learning the Spanish language because of the way it is spoken, and its dialect is something which I fancy. Now as I am working with Chatterbox, I hope I will able to start learning Spanish as well. My life as a refugee is now moving forward, and part of the credit undoubtedly goes to Chatterbox as well.