With more than 220 million speakers around the world, Arabic is a powerful language that will hold you in good steed from the Middle East to North Africa and in migrant communities around the world. Arabic is in great demand and there’s a shortage of well-qualified speakers – especially in the United Kingdom.

At Chatterbox we offer several different dialects of Arabic, including: Modern Standard Arabic, Algerian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Sudanese, Levantine, and Egytpian.

When it comes to the written word, several other languages use the Arabic alphabet, such as Persian/FarsiUrdu, Pashto and Kurdish. Arabic learners would be able to read words or sentences written in any of those languages.


Why learn Arabic?

In studying the Arabic language you will open up a world of possibility - joining more than 400 million people around the world who speak it fluently. 

Arabic is also one of the official languages of the United Nations, and the British Council ranked Arabic as the second most vital language to the UK over the next twenty years.


Who'll teach me Arabic?

The Chatterbox tutors are all professionals educated to degree level or similar, who happen to be refugees.

In doing this, we support the social and economic integration of refugees into our society.

By chatting and learning from a native speaker of the language, you will learn Arabic faster and enjoy a deeper cultural understanding.


How do I learn Arabic?

We've made it as simple as possbile to start to learn Arabic in London. 

Our complete tuitition starts at the beginning. Purchase your Chatterbox language learning sessions (either one at a time, or in blocks of ten or twenty) and then choose a mutually convenient time using our class scheduler. You'll complete your lesson in the location of your choice in Central London.

I chose to learn Arabic online because of my busy schedule - I’m so glad I made time for it. My Chatterbox tutor has helped me make so much more progress with my pronunciation more than I would have studying alone.”
— Aimee